Rencontres vietnam 2013 Nanophysics: from fundamentals to applications (the return)

Rencontres vietnam 2013

Nazarov LeidenJ.

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Courtois GrenobleP. In particular they constitute a quite unique opportunity to meet the Vietnamese scientific community.

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Exploring scotogenic signals in Higgs boson decays p. The last condensed matter physics conferences were held in Hanoi in January and Nguyen Van Hieu Hanoi and J.

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Neutrino theory and phenomenology p. Study of Higgs boson leptonic decay modes. Buttiker GenovaA. This community is very active despite a rather difficult economical situation for this country, which was devastated by many years of war.

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Indeed, the latter is a necessity because of the rather difficult economical situation of Vietnam, which needs to invest in new technologies. Chang SeoulA.

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As environmental problems continue to increase, the need for global education and proper management of natural resources becomes imperative. The little hierarchy problem for physics just beyond the LHC p. This is a great opportunity.

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Event rates in directional dark matter searches p. Information Discussion 0 Files Holdings.

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Urbina SaclayK. Thierry Massonco-chair of the conference or visit the conference website. High energy physics as global science p.

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Imura HiroshimaP. Highlights from Top Quark Physics p. Radio observation of solar-activity-related mHz oscillations p. There are also workshops on physics and astronomy. Study of the diffuse emissions with the H. Over more than a decade high level international conferences have been organized in Vietnam. Special emphasis is being placed on active participation by young researchers and post-docs. We plan to also provide some emphasis on experimental and technological aspects of the physics being presented.

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Theoretical implications of the LHC results p. Tarucha TokyoB.

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Searches for supersymmetry at the LHC p. Nevertheless, the Rencontres du Vietnam offer the possibility to put some additional emphasis on the the scientific panorama on Asian countries.

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Nanophysics August 6 — 19, Star Formation in different environments August 6 — 12, Flavour Physics August 13 — 19, Visit our Flickr channel to see the Night Rencontre brel 2013 photo gallery or the Opening photo gallery. Challenges for precision measurements at the LHC p. Visit our Flickr rencontre to see more pictures. Marcus CoppenhagenY. Frolov PittsburghY. How graviton power values and a graviton count from the electroweak era give strain and heavy values p.

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Haug HannoverK-I. Nevertheless, the Rencontres du Vietnam offer the possibility to put some additional emphasis on the the scientific panorama on Asian countries.