Rencontres du vietnam Nanophysics: from fundamentals to applications (the return)

Rencontres du vietnam

The scientific format of the Rencontres du Vietnam conference bear similarities with the Rencontres de Moriond series of conferences which are held in the Alps during the winter season. Büttiker GenevaM-S. Buttiker GenovaA. Falko LancasterR. Guinea MadridP. Nazarov LeidenW. Fazio Pisa uk rencontre, G.

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Haug HannoverK-I. Kobayashi TokyoJ. Tarucha TokyoB.

Courtois GrenobleR. Nazarov LeidenJ.

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Courtois GrenobleP. Choi SeoulA. Nguyen Van Hieu Hanoi and J. Urbina SaclayK.

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Indeed, the latter is a necessity because of the rather difficult economical situation of Vietnam, which needs to invest in new technologies. Frolov PittsburghY.

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Sponsorship rencontre du vietnam be requested from. Tsai RikenG. Nevertheless, the Rencontres du Vietnam offer the possibility to put some additional emphasis on the the scientific panorama on Asian countries. Levy Yeyati MadridC.

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Ensslin ZurichV. Levy-Yeyati MadridC. Chang SeoulA.

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Hamilton AustraliaR. Trauzettel WürzburgC.

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This community is very active despite a rather difficult economical situation for this country, which was devastated by many years of war. Ruitenbeek LeidenG. Imura HiroshimaP.

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The second conference was devoted to nanoelectronics and nanodevices. Cleland Santa-BarbaraA.

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The present conference has the same goal, although it intends to present emerging topics such as graphene and topological insulators. Kravtsov TriesteK.