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Radio rencontre 93.3 fm, de stemme van al de vlamingen.

Venue to be confirmed.

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Bring gloves, water, and trail building tools. Not only club members. Please come and lend a hand at the DH track maintenance day.

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All female riders welcomed, aimed at riders that can corner and descend most lines on the trail but want help perfecting their technique. We will spent time explaining and teaching you how to do it. Hope to see you there. Maintain speed and difficulty for A grade riders.

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Starting Friday afternoon and finishing sometime Sunday afternoon. Please assist registration volunteers by having correct money for effacer rencontres hard, and by having your MTBA membership card.

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Either a regular annual membership, recreational day licence or Free 8-week trial which can be applied for at http: The trails used are; — Trail head for the start, — Left at the fire road on to browns downs, — Continue on to heart break climb, — Back to the top for a finish at the trail head.

We had a few issues with the website however it is back online.

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The berms half way down need some TLC though. Burnt Forest Re-do first pinch entry from fire road. On-Line Rego only, https: We are starting our year off with a Skills Clinics from Dynamic Cycling Academy to get everyone back in to the swing of things before the racing starts!!

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Rake Derock or reroute to the right the final climb before getting to 5-ways. Kids Recreational Race The course for the kids race will be less then 1. Registration will begin from 8am and close at 9am. Reassess line on dipper.

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There will be some areas to focus on, however if you have an area that has always bugged you now is nous rencontrer en espagnol time to work with others to get it riding radio rencontre 93.3 fm. If you are an MTBA license holder thats awesome but if your not I would recommend signing up for the free 8-week trial which can be applied for at http: Due to some date clashes and other reasons we have to reschedule some of the XC races and Skills Clinics.

The dates are set for the remaining events in our calendar. Meet at the start ramp up top rencontres jasnieres 2011 10am.

De stemme van al de Vlamingen.

Thank you for the year so far as a lot of the dates have clashed with radio rencontre clubs and rencontres tlemcen. Meet at 10am at the shipping container and bring rakes, tree pruning gear and gloves.

Race day schedule; -Registration is from 1: Well this one is for you. Sunday 17th December at 3pm.